70 Ton Mining Truck

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1. The engine is equipped with an electric heating device for the intake system. In cold weather, it is not difficult to start the vehicle. The pre-filtered oil bath air filter of the intake system can effectively filter the dust and effectively prevent the early stage of the engine. wear and prolong service life.

2. In order to facilitate the modification of the body, the exhaust pipe reserves the heating and air intake position of the bottom plate of the dump truck.

3. The reinforced front and rear leaf springs enable the chassis to cope with various harsh working environments. 

4. The standard 200L cooling water tank and water spray device can cool down the braking system more conveniently and quickly, and improve the braking safety.

5.High section and high strength provide a solid skeleton for your vehicle.

  • Origin: China
  • Tipper system manufactured: Oriental Vehicles International Co.,Limited
  • Loading Capacity: 70 Tons
  • Chassis: SINOTRUK
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    Our production line can manufacture the strong & endurable mining tipper body including the hydraulic lifting system . We cooperate perfect with SINOTRUK group , and we receive the mining truck chassis from them .

    The mining bucket carriage from our production line is suitable for the transportation of large-sized goods such as large stones.

    Considering the impact and bumping of the cargo, the design of the mining bucket carriage is complicated and the material is thicker. For example, the standard plate thickness of  mining bucket compartment is: front 8mm sides 8mm bottom 10, and some models have some angle steel welded on the bottom plate to increase the rigidity and impact resistance of the compartment.

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    mining truck - 70 TON
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    mining truck (22)

    Features of HOWO 70 Mine Overloading-Lord ( Mining King )

    1. The unilateral high-strength skeleton cab is adopted, which is simple in shape, tough and has a wide field of vision; good sealing can ensure that your vehicle is always in a safe and comfortable driving environment; two lighting work lights at the front and rear above the cab are convenient for night work.

    2. Equipped with HW19710 gearbox and HW70 power take-off, the torque can reach 700NM.

    3. A 500-liter D-type fuel tank (optional 400-liter fuel tank) is used to meet your requirements for a large workload of the vehicle.

    4. The new front axle assembly independently researched and developed by SINOTRUK adopts integral casting I-beam, 500x210 reinforced brake and other parts assembly technology suitable for mining trucks.

    5. The rear axle adopts AC26 mining drive axle, the main reduction structure design is more reasonable, and the reinforced cast axle housing and drum brake make the vehicle carrying capacity and braking capacity at the leading domestic level.

    6. Wheels and tires: 10.0/2-25 wheel assembly, standard 14.00-25-36PR tires, original 14.00R25-36PR tires, high load-bearing, high wear-resistant special tires specially customized for Mine Overlord.

    Dimension Chassis oversize (mm) Length 7800

    Front wheel

    Camber angle
    Width 3300 Kingpin inclination angle
    High(Empty) 3310 Caster angle
    Wheelbase (mm)


    Toe-in/ biasply tire

    0.15°±3'(Test under dia .Φ1370 :7±2.5mm)
    Wheel tread (mm) Front wheel 2741
    Rear wheel 2520

    Rear axle


    Front suspension (mm) 1500 Gear ratio 10.47
    Rear suspension (mm) 1000

    Differential lock

    Axles, wheels
    Min. Ground Clearance(mm) 340(Front axle below)

    Frame work

    Model Rectangle Frame
    Approach angle (°) 32 Main frame Cross Section(mm) Size 380×120×10
    Departure angle(°) 40 Auxiliary frame Cross Section(mm) Size 355×110×10


    Chassis weight (kg) 17300


    Front Suspension Spring plate +Cylinder damper
    Axle loading(kg) Front axle 6970
    Rear axle 10330 Rear Suspension Balance suspension ,  Spring U-Bolt
    Gross weight (kg) 70000


    Model 14.00-20NHS
    Max. loading (kg) Front axle 12000 Pressure(kPa)


    Rear axle 58000


    Model ZF8098


    Max . speed  (km/h) 50 Speed Ratio 26.2~22.2
    Max. climb angle (%) 42 Assistant Cylinder Model 70
    Parking angle  (%)   Max. pressure for steer pump (kPa) 17000
    Min. Turn Radius  (m) 22


    Rated  pressure 850kPa
    Fuel tank (L) 500 Driving brake Double circuit air-pressure brake


    Model Reinforced Single Cab

    Front turning 50°

    Parking brake Emission brake
    Auxiliary brake Emission brake
    Seats 1 Cooling  device on brake


    Model WD615.47

    Electronic system

    Circuit model Single circuit ,negative
    Emission Standard Euro II Circuit power (V) 24
    Emission consumption(L) 9.726 Generator power (W) 1500
    Rated Power        kw/(r/min) 273/2200 Battery Voltage(V) 2×12
    Max. Torque        Nm/(r/min) 1500/1100-1600 Capacity(Ah) 180


    Model Rumsfeld diaphragm spring clutch

    Hydraulic operation power-assistance


    Rectangle(mm) 5800×3100×1800
    Diaphragm F430    

    Gear box

    Model HW19710+HW70



    Forward  gear ratio


    Reverse gear ratio


    Optional Device on Truck


     Rear anti-drilling protective cover


    Tires 14.00R-25   RADIAL OTR
    Mining truck on the road
    Mining Truck before delivery
    Mining Truck

    Except for the heavy duty mining truck , our company can also offer the full package of products for the solution of the mining area . Such as excavator , bulldozer , water truck , fuel truck and small dump truck . 

    We will help our clients to select the most cost-saving machinery to make the benefit maximized .

    You can check our website and please contact us for more specific solutions . 

    Why choose us?
    1. Complete production line, from trailer Design to Delivery.
    2. Advanced equipment and rigorous quality control system
    3. ISO 9001: 2008 and CCC quality certificate. 
    4. Use 100% famous brand spare parts in China for our products.
    5. We have clients all over the world.
    6. We accept 100% inspection, welcome to our factory at any time.
    7. Competitive Price.
    8. Fast delivery.
    9. Perfect after-sales service.
    10. Guaranteed quality.
    A. What are our advantages compared with other manufacturers

    • Competitive Price -- We work as the leading dealers of various leading China Semi Trailers manufacturers/factories.From numerous comparison and feedback from clients, our price is more competitive than manufacturers/factories.
    • Quick Response-- Our team is consisted of a group of diligent and enterprising people, working 24/7 to respond client inquiries and questions all the time. Most problems can be solved within 12 hours.
    • Fast delivery -- Normally it will take more than 25-45 days for manufacturers/ factories to produce the ordered trailers, while we have a variety of resources, locally and nation widely, to receive trailers in timely manner. In 80% circumstance, we can have a 15-20 days delivery of regular trailers for our clients.
    • High Quality-----Every process of choose material ,welding ,sand blasting,painting with detailed inspection,accept 100% inspection during production and after production.

    B. Which payment terms can we accept?

    • Normally we can work on T/T term or L/C term.
    • On T/T term, 30% down payment is required in advance, 70% balance shall be settled before delivery, or against the copy of original B/L for regular client.
    • On L/C term, normally need 30% down payment by T/T, 70% by L/C at sight. a 100% irrevocable L/C without "soft clauses" can be accepted sometimes. Please seek the advice from the individual sales manager whom you work with.

    C. How long will our price be valid?

    • Price with long valid time -- We are a tender and friendly supplier, never greedy on windfall profit. Basically, our price remains stable through the year. We only adjust our price based on two situations: The rate of USD:RMB varies significantly according to the international currency exchange rates. Manufacturers/factories adjusted the trailer price, because of the increasing labor cost and raw material cost.

    D. What logistics ways we can work for shipment?

    • We can ship all trailer by various transportation tools.
    • For 90% of our shipment, we will go by sea, to all main continents such as South America, Middle East, Africa, Oceania etc, either by container or RoRo/Bulk Shipment.
    • For neighborhood countries of China, such as Russia, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan,Mongolia etc, we can ship trucks by road or railway.
    • For light spare parts in urgent demand, we can ship it by international courier service, such as DHL, TNT, UPS, EMS or Fedex

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