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Oriental Vehicles International Co.,Limited is devoted into supplying different trucks and construction machines for different areas of projects . We offer a good way to help our clients save their budget and future cost .
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About Us

Oriental Vehicles International Co.,Limited is a manufacturer committed to the development and production of various semi-trailers ,carriers , and different bodies on the different chassis with different function and performance .

Our factory is located in Liangshan City ,Shandong Province ,and our export department office is in Tianjin City , the biggest port city in the north of China, with a workshop and check point for all the-vehicles before they get delivered on board .

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Hot Sale Machinery And Truck

  • Construction machinery

    Construction machinery

    Oriental Vehicles International Co.,Limited , has been supplying various of machinery since 2008 and supplying the parts for the machine running in good condition.
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  • Heavy duty trucks

    Heavy duty trucks

    Oriental Vehicles International Co.,Limited can supply the different trucks for different construction sites . Our factory can manufacture different function trucks with different performance , and we can always select the correct model of trucks for our clients . Please contact us first and ask for proposal before you purchase the trucks.
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  • Semitrailers & Carriers

    Semitrailers & Carriers

    Oriental Vehicles International Co.,Limited owns the factory to manufacture different sizes of semitrailer , for different logistics industry . From 20 Tons loading to 300 Tons loading , customer can customize the trailer according to his project actual demand.
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Lastest News

  • So , how the driver will live a life with the logistics business .———- We will give you the story of Driver Liu

    So , how the driver will live a life ...

    16 Nov,21
    The monthly income reaches more than 10,000 RMB ( Around 1570 USD ) , and when the business is good, the income is nearly 20,000 RMB ( Around 3140 USD ) . So averagely speaking , the annual income is around 200,000  RMB (31,400 USD ). ...
  • China Version Optimus Prime— Long Nose Tractor

    China Version Optimus Prime— Lo...

    10 Aug,21
    As we all know in USA , long head tractor is more welcome by the drivers than the Europe Flat Tractor , Optimus Prime is widely known by the whole world who even is not running the logistics business , let alone...


Clients can find their target products and equipments through our help , besides ,we not only offer the buyers with correct and qualified machines and trucks , but also we give them warranty and after-sale service as well as the original spare-parts supplying in the long run . Technician teams can be dispatched to the site of the projects of the clients . Whats’ more , your trucks and semitrailers can be customized according to your design and your actual local demand . We have experience and expertise to test and access the performance and durability of different products.
We concern what our clients concern.

We have been transforming the ideas into award-winning projects.

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